New holland 16x16 transmission problems

new holland shuttle trouble

An endless list of options includes a front hitch and PTO available with standard FWD onlya choice of transmissions, seats, and front axles, including three front-wheel-drive FWD axle choices or the economical heavy-duty 2WD axle. New Holland provides you with a wide selection of proven transmissions. Which one is best for you? It pairs the benefits of a semi powershift with an economical price.

Advanced double clutch control further enhances efficiency. Auto Command Continuously Variable Transmission CVT provides you with infinite speed control for optimum performance of balers, mower-conditioners, snow blowers and other material flow implements.

Auto Command simplifies operation easy with four driving modes, Auto, Cruise, Manual or PTO, to ensure optimum operating efficiency and convenience.

The new industry-leading Dynamic Command transmission provides smooth, uninterrupted power and effortless operation. You get a full 24 gears in forward and reverse with speed overlap that allows you to easily select the best range for your application -- with no break in torque as you move through eight gears. You can program forward and reverse gears, as well as set the shuttle shift aggressiveness to match your preferences. Simply press the brake and your Dynamic Command tractor comes to a standstill.

Release the brake pedal and drive reengages and puts the tractor in motion. Electro Command tractors with mechanical mid-mount valves provide a standard control arrangement with a powershift control button on the range shift handle as well as on the console for convenience.

The ergonomic seat armrest-mounted multi-function handle is optional for T6 models with mechanical mid-mount valve and standard on all other models.

You can operate the convenient, column-mounted electro hydraulic power shuttle without taking your hand off the wheel for increased safety during loader work. You can even regulate the shuttle aggressiveness setting, and making changes while on the move.

An innovative memory shuttle system allows you to select the ratio you need in forward and reverse and the tractor automatically shuttles between your chosen forward and reverse gears. Top Service:. Terms of use Legal notices Privacy Cookie Notice.Forums New posts. What's new New posts Latest activity.

Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. Install the app. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter caseman Start date Nov 30, I have a ts sle when i shuttle her foward it won't move and fault N shows.

This happened a few times earlier in the year and when i cut the power it sorted itself but not this time. Any ideas thanks. Is there not a sensor in the seat. It won't move if it thinks your not on the seat? N normally just means you have to go to neutral then back into gear.

Have seen it come up at times if you stick it into gear without the clutch immediately after starting it, or else if you change the direction while travelling to fast.

I had this problem with my Tried all sorts of things including a new shuttle lever. It started off as a intermittent problem where it failed to engage occasionally, but ended up where we couldn't move the tractor at all.Forum Rules.

Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of I believe it is a or year model. I live in South Texas, only a few miles from where the first death from a bee attack occurred in late 's.

The dream tractor, except i have transmission problems. The service people in may area are clueless and want to go on a Mechanic Safari to find the problem. Of course, I pay the expense of the safari and replacement of parts that may or not be necessary. Whoaa boys! This requires a Huddle with the coach. Which Coach and Where is he. I purchased the service manual and parts catalog. There are all types diagnostics in the service manual, but the service people here did not have the book.

Brother, i got the bill for the preliminary excursion and was very disappointed. I pointed out to the service people an old service bulletin about the transmission to replace a gasket on the transmission control valve cover. Sure enough the gasket was blown and one of the selinoid valves was shorted out.

Electro Command for Dummies

The transmission does not work in the odd gears in either high and low range. The pto does not work. After reading the page service manual, it must have something to do with the "c-4 clutch", which is the only clutch of the 4 in the tractor, which the odd gears and pto have in common.

I think it is an adjustment problem. It has 4 "clutch packs". I guess this what you get when you want a dream tractor Has anyone had this type of problem? Who knows this transmission South of San Antonio, Texas. I need a repair person that knows this electronic transmission.

I am open for suggestions. Reply With Quote. Of the pages you claim in the service manual, about pertain to the 16x16 transmission, be sure you are reading the section that covers the version of the transmission you have.

There is no need for a 'safari' into the bowels of your transmission. A fairly thorough electrical diagnosis can be performed with the help of the service manual and one simple diagnostic tool. Several pressure gauges can be installed in various test ports to determine what pressures are maintained during various combinations of clutch application. But I'm a long ways away, and may have missed something. I was told that the transmission was made by Fiat.We bought it with "transmission problem" but when talking to the service man who was responsible for it, he said he installed a new shift cable and it would not shift right, and the powers that be told him not to put time into it as it was already being replaced.

He stated that he suspected it was just not adjusted properly. This was a couple years ago when we purchased it. The I-II lever shifted a little less then ideal and you kind of had to make sure it went into low range well or it would come back out, but it worked. Now, probably hours later, it is very difficult if not impossible to get low range engaged.

We have disconnected the cable and shifted the lever on the transmission with the same result High range works fine. Is there syncronizer collar that is likely bad, or is there something related to the electric shift that could be contributing to this? My experience says it has rounded off teeth on a shift spline, but eveyrone keeps telling me it related to the electric shift. You are logged in as a guest. Forums Classifieds 16 Skins Language.

TS New Holland 16x16 transmission won't stay in low range. View previous thread :: View next thread. Message format Flat Threaded Nested.

Brazilton KS. Appreciate any thoughts from any of you guys who have been in this series transmission.Forums New posts Search forums.

What's new New posts Latest activity Trending Threads. Members Registered members Current visitors. Calendar Monthly Upcoming Events. New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. New Holland TM power command transmission problem. Thread starter Scaniah Start date Dec 22, Scaniah Member.

I have a New Holland TM which keeps jumping out of gear. The error code CP comes up. I have tried to calibrate but it won't let me. The error code f27 comes up. Any ideas? Location North Wales. Didn't know they did a tm power command! Location Welshpool Powys. Yes my mate had a power command X reg.

Badshot Member. Location Kent. May not be the same. But my tm powercommand kept jumping out of gear. Turned out to be the forward reverse shuttle lever knackered. New one cured it. Don't remember any error codes though. Cp is clutch pedal switch.

New Holland transmission problem

The tractor does it in any gear,forward or reverse. Could be doing 40k and it just jumps to neutral with the CP code. If you turn the tractor off and on again it might go for an hour and not do it.By FarmerFebruary 15, in Coffee Shop. I have a ts with the 16 speed trans I was wonder if anyone had any experience calibrating these and or if it is a dealer only job like the books says?

I took a look on google and a few things such as the dash look similar to a Challenger. Is there a tractor related to yours in the Agco line? I can access Agco info, but not NH. I can remember a few years ago a customer had a lot of grief over a smaller TS series in regards to transmission shift quality.

We calibrated it several times without improving the shift quality. The biggest problem was that it had a mechanical engine so the engine and transmission could not "talk" to each other to make a nice, smooth shift like the models with electronic engines did. Most TS series are electronic, but there are some with mechanical engines out there.

New Holland TM 150 power command transmission problem

They are still more or less the same drive train as the TS series. The issue I'm having is when you are in road gear and just barley touch the brakes it makes a whining sound then it makes a pretty good bang and jolt.

I hate the dog style MFD clutch for that reason, why they couldn't use a conventional style clutch I will never know.

Thanks for the info. Guess I'll live with it and check the tire psi. Tractor only has like hrs on it. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Farmer 0 Posted February 15, Posted February 15, Thanks Martin. Link to post Share on other sites. Cattech Posted February 16, Posted February 16, SDman Posted February 16, By brewcrewNovember 17, in General IH. I saw an ad in the paper the other day for an MXU2wd with a cab.

It had hours in the neighborhood, and was pretty cheap. What can you tell me about them? What engine? It sure looked like it would be a good all-around tractor, for hauling manure, grinding feed, planting corn 4-rowcutting hay 9' discbineetc. Would it be good for these chores? Could it be turned up a little, to say pto hp? It would probably be sufficient for those chores but I would recommend strongly against increasing the horsepower.

Planting 6 row and tillage. Mine had a few problems early all under warrenty. The cab is roomy and quite. I don't realy care about the window in the top of the roof. Mine leaks if it rains heavy but it's in the shed most of the time. LOTS of power but it has 6. When I bought mine the 90 95hp mxu model was 4 cyl as well.

Not apples to apples comparison but I would buy another. You guys that talk sh1t about Case IH's current product lineup kill me. Why would you want to trash the equipment instead of promoting it? The MXU's and Maxxums are excellent tractors. I have a customer that currently owns a MXU with almost 20, hours on it and has been virtually trouble free.

Why ditch these tractors I have customers that love these little powerhouses some with hrs. The NEF engine is very reliable, fuel efficient and makes great power especialy the 6.

I prefer the 16x16 semi-powershift transmission as opposed to the 12x12 or 24x A Maxxum 6. Can you say power boost? I am not here to promote CaseIH's line of equipment, that is their job!!!