Grabpay mastercard axs

Enjoy a more convenient ride with GrabPay. Once you arrive at your destination, simply thank your driver and be on your way! Need to split a bill? Or pay for your loved one's rides? You can send or request GrabPay balance instantly and for free. Stay on top of your spending with instant payment notifications and detailed transaction history. Each GrabPay transaction earns you GrabRewards points, which you can use to redeem attractive rewards. The next time you shop, pay close attention.

GrabPay may be offering an awesome deal at your favourite store. Not sure what to do with your GrabRewards points? Why not offset your payment at a GrabPay Merchant?

Award winning technology. Partnerships with trusted e-payment companies. Through our partnership with Mastercard, the GrabPay Card is accepted by millions of merchants across the world — both online and in-stores. Find out more about the GrabPay Card here. You will find instructions on how to proceed with the top up. Simply alight as soon as you reach your destination. GrabPay Wallet is a mobile wallet that contains a topped up balance that can be used towards your purchases.

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Transport Everything to do with getting you from A to B. GrabPay Go cashless, pay seamlessly. GrabFood Your favourite foods delivered to your doorstep. GrabExpress Send things easily and quickly. GrabRewards Exclusive privileges you'll enjoy as a Grab user.

grabpay mastercard axs

Subscriptions Monthly plans with added savings on rides and food. GrabGifts Give the Gift of Grab!The GrabPay Card, launched on December 5th, is an extension of the Grab e-wallet in your Grab apps, made possible because of an ongoing partnership with Mastercard.

This means that Grab users can now transact on the Mastercard network that connects nearly 53 million merchants worldwide. Grab is fast becoming a leading app in providing food and package delivery service, digital payment and financial services.

The possibility of theft of personal and financial information is eliminated with a numberless card. The details of the card are also securely stored within the Grab app since it serves as an extension of the GrabPay wallet. This means that users can instantly suspend payments in the event of a card loss. The GrabPay Card is also enhanced with 3DSecure technology to ensure users are protected from online fraud. GrabPay is fast becoming a ubiquitous payment method as Grab continues to expand its offerings beyond transport services.

Grab users can use their GrabPay balance for Grab transport, food delivery and other financial services across Southeast Asia. GrabPay is also slated to undergo a user interface upgrade that will make it simpler and more intuitive to use.

As GrabPay is acceptable across Mastercard merchants globally, GrabPay card users can also enjoy competitive foreign exchange rates. This means that you can continue to earn GrabRewards for every purchase made through the GrabPay Card at Mastercard merchants or for any Grab services. As part of a limited launch promotion, GrabPay Card users can also earn up to 10 times GrabRewards points for every dollar spent.

Other rewards include meal vouchers, LEGO sets, and special exclusive merchandise. You receive coverage for eligible items in the event of incomplete, non-delivery, or delivery of a defective or wrong item. For instance, the GrabPay Card can be added to their Samsung Pay wallet, allowing users to make offline payments with their devices at any contactless-enabled payments terminal.

For Grab users who are interested, you can sign up for the card after completing a short, simple customer verification process within the Grab app. Upon verification, users can use their digital GrabPay Card to make purchases online, in-app, or pay offline merchants through Samsung Pay.

grabpay mastercard axs

Essentially, the GrabPay Card extends the functionalities of GrabPay beyond the app in a secure way, while allowing you to earn even more GrabRewards points than usual. Stuck at home during the circuit breaker period? With YouTripyou can pay for your online shopping and subscriptions in over currencies with no fees and the best exchange rates. YouTrip is free to sign up by downloading the app and you will get your own YouTrip Mastercard for overseas online shopping.

Connect with us. Latest Trending Stories.Relish the usual GrabPay benefits with a cherry on top. Earn GrabRewards points and enjoy other exclusive card benefits! Tap or swipe to pay virtually everywhere with GrabPay Card. Say hello to a seamless payment experience. Getting your hands on GrabPay Card is easy.

Simply apply for it in-app and instantly get your digital card. Detect any suspicious transactions? Simply launch the app, lock your card and report the issue to our hour Customer Experience team.

With it, you can make online and in-store payments across the globe and earn GrabRewards points for every transaction. Tired of leftover cash after a trip? Go cashless with GrabPay Card! Top up your GrabPay balance in your home currency and be able to pay in all countries. Found the perfect souvenir for that special someone? Pay in any currency with your GrabPay Card and enjoy lower rates better than any bank!

Pro tip Always choose to pay in the merchant currency with your GrabPay Card to avoid any additional merchant fees or bank charges. Your GrabPay Card provides you with a smoother journey. With GrabPay Card, we keep you delighted with every online purchase you make with eCommerce protection that covers you from lost to damaged goods.

Accidental mobile phone damage or theft can be expensive without insurance. Use your GrabPay Card to pay for your monthly phone bills so your mobile phone can be covered. Your physical GrabPay Card comes without numbers, therefore you can access all your card details in-app.

grabpay mastercard axs

A physical card is optional for users. Follow these steps to install and activate your Samsung Pay:. Mobile Phone Protection. Find more comprehensive articles in our Help Center dedicated to all your GrabPay Card related questions. Brand Story Who we are and what we stand for.

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Locations Cities and countries we call home.We ourselves have been hit with this issue, and have been trying out over the past few days various different options to get around this, and are now excited to be able to share one workaround we have found and tested to get rid of excess GrabPay credits you might have accumulated while also paying your bills. The answer is CardUp - but unfortunately it is not gonna be a free solution as CardUp charges its own set of fees, unlike AXS-Grab which allowed you to pay your bills with no extra charges.

For those who are new to or unsure of what CardUp is and how they work, we have included a short introduction further below. Using CardUp to make the bill payment will incur a transaction fee of 1. Having said that, this workaround still involves a cost, and depending on how much Grab Credits you have stored up it could also make sense to simply hold on to your Grab credits for now and spend it over time using GrabPay or the upcoming physical GPMC to fully capture any cashback or miles rewards without incurring unnecessary fees.

Simply put, CardUp is a online service that allows you to use your credit cards to make payments for bills that typically do not accept credit card payments, while getting credit card rewards at the same time.

Types of bills that they cover include:. These bills typically do not accept credit card payments, and even if they do they are usually excluded from credit card rewards, so being able to get credit card rewards from these payments is a huge plus point.

If it sounds too good to be true … the answer is that these payments via CardUp do not come for free. CardUp charges a rate of 1. CardUp accepts most Singapore credit cards full list hereand will usually net you the baseline rewards earning ratefor example 1. One thing to note is that you should only use CardUp to pay for bills that are currently due and not prepay your bills to try to squeeze additional rewards out while making a transaction. This could lead to the bill being rejected by CardUp or the billing organisation, and it can be quite a hassle to get it refunded.

Because of the 2. While we wait and see what happens in the AXS-GrabPay saga, CardUp is definitely one alternative in the meanwhile for those who want to continue getting credit card rewards while paying your regular bills. We will continue to keep you guys updated on how to get the highest rewards at the lowest cost!

If you are not currently holding a Citibank card, there is no better time to get one while the promo lasts! Read more about the promotion HERE. If you would like to get the maximum rewards from your credit cards, do consider subscribing to regular updates and follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the latest tips, tricks, and hacks like this article! Glenn December 20,am 1. WhatCard's Card of the Year Award!

Last day to redeem your GrabRewards Points before it gets massively devalued. The highest interest savings account in Singapore today Edition.However, as of today 16 Dec we started getting reports and also personally tested out ourselves that the AXS mobile app is currently not accepting payments directly via Grab Pay anymore. Given that many Singaporeans still use AXS to pay their bills, this could be one way for Grab to get some additional publicity for their new card.

We would love to hear from you if you notice any changes while you use the AXS app - do drop a comment here so that we can help to keep everyone updated on whats happening with this! If you would like to get the maximum rewards from your credit cards, do consider subscribing to regular updates and follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the latest tips, tricks, and hacks like this article!

Even the GPMC under credit card option does not work. Dont think CS staff would be privy to discussions between business partners and in a position to comment one way or the other on how decisions were made. The 2. However cardup and others are all third parties so not bound by those agreements and would argue are offering another service so separate anyway.

Surcharging rules have been liberalized in Australia for many years but not something that MAS has been active on in Singapore I think too many vested interest here and not wanting to rock the boat. Should we add a seperate column to state what is the alternative? So we can all pool our collective knowledge on this? Glenn December 20,am 1. A workaround for paying bills with GrabPay Credits. AXS has quietly removed the GrabPay payment option. Any other ideas how to use the credits? Can use the new grab mastercard to pay bills perhaps?

AXS Singapore Guide — Traffic Fines and Bill Payments, GrabPay & More

That has unfortunately been disabled by grab as well. Ahlu December 28,pm 8. So the using grab pay credit card to use the grab credit to pay off bills, does it work? Ahlu January 3,pm I see.

How to top up GrabPay using Cash (Malaysia)

Do update if there is new updates. Get cashback from your IRAS tax payments using this service! Cheryl January 12,am The digital GrabPay Card is available in Singapore starting today. Users can apply for the physical numberless card after receiving their digital card. The physical card will be rolled out in batches. The digital GrabPay Card will be launched in the Philippines in Q1with other Southeast Asian countries to follow in the first half of next year.

We will continue to add features to the wallet and card to enable our users to enjoy simpler, more flexible digital payments experience.

Grab users in Singapore can sign up for the card after completing a short, simple customer verification process in the Grab app. After they are verified, users can use their digital GrabPay Card, linked to their GrabPay balance in their wallet, to make purchases online, in app, or pay offline merchants using Samsung Pay.

The GrabPay Card is an integral part of a broader GrabPay reinvention that will bring a significant interface upgrade to users. Since its launch inGrabPay has become the most popular e-wallet in Southeast Asia with monthly active users up 65 percent in the first half of the year.

GrabPay is rolling out a user interface upgrade that is simpler and more intuitive, making core functions, such as mobile payments and other financial services, easier to find. It will simplify the way Grab users manage their payments, explore new services and products, and review their spending activity. The new GrabPay app interface will be rolled out in phases in Singapore starting in December, followed by the Philippines in Q1 Grab is the leading super app in Southeast Asia, providing everyday services that matter most to consumers.

Today, the Grab app has been downloaded onto over million mobile devices, giving users access to over 9 million drivers, merchants and agents. Grab offers the widest range of on-demand transport services in the region, in addition to food and package delivery services, digital payments and financial services across cities in eight countries.

Our global payments processing network connects consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than countries and territories. Mastercard products and solutions make everyday commerce activities — such as shopping, traveling, running a business and managing finances — easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone.

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Paying my bills via AXS

Subscribe Print. The physical version of the card is completely numberless, front and back, thus averting the prospect of theft of personal and financial information. As an extension of the GrabPay wallet, the details of the card are stored securely within the Grab app.

It also has an in-app lock card function that is PIN-protected, allowing users to instantly suspend payments for lost cards. The GrabPay Card offers an additional layer of protection using 3DSecure technology to protect users from online fraud. As part of a limited launch promotion period, the GrabPay Card will reward users with up to 10x GrabRewards points for every dollar spent.

These points can be used to redeem GrabRewards offers anywhere in Southeast Asia.With AXS m-Station, you can enjoy unparalleled payment access for bills, fines and e-services anywhere, anytime. What kinds of bills can you pay? Thank you for using AXS m-Station! General enhancements and bug fixes. Even converted some of the older colleagues to use app instead of going to AXS Kiosk. But recently, I need to use this app to help my boss pay for cargo clearance permit to Nparks after they took over from AVA and ended the giro arrangement.

While in the process of waiting for giro approval, I have to find a kiosk to pay everytime a new shipment arrives. It is very troublesome. Will appreciate if this module can be added. I also notice some modules on axs kiosk not available on e-service as well. Update to response to developers: appreciate your hard work and reviewing of feedbacks by users.

We look forward to a better enhanced interface on the next update! Nevertheless, we shall feedback to the relevant organisation. We value every feedback as we aim to continually enhance our services to increase the satisfaction level of our users.

You have a great day ahead! Been using this app for a few years now. Seen it evolve from a kinky app to the latest version which allows me to clear my monthly payment transactions in a matter of seconds.

6 Things Singaporeans Need To Know About The GrabPay Card Before Applying

First started using because of the ability to skip queues. Now, my lastest 'pet' in this app would be the list of favourite transactions - saved me the trouble of searching around your large network of billing types and organisations etc every month. With this list, I can just select the bill I want to pay eg telco monthly subscription bill and pay.

Transaction done in less than 10 seconds. Great job, app producers! At least I did not Immediately delete thia after my first use the previous version is just rubbish. The information architecture of the app is still trash, things are still very hard to find. So please, do a usability study or at least a couple card sorting exercise with REAL users.

By the way, your kiosk is not any better, most likely people are used to it after a prolong exposure with it. The over application UX and UI is still incoherent, and it can be felt while using the application.

But a good thing is that the UI parttens are now more logical and usable, but it seems to be poorly excuted. The colors choices, "random" sizes of the UI components, the inconsistent icons, pixelated images and choice of some of the UI patterns do serve any purpose, makes this application feels like it was done by a bunch of student with bad guidance.

So please don't mess this up any further and just hire the right people to do this! Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description With AXS m-Station, you can enjoy unparalleled payment access for bills, fines and e-services anywhere, anytime. Ratings and Reviews See All. Size Category Finance.